Vinyl Decals

You can get your name made into a vinyl decal. Do you have a favorite saying that would be fun to put on your car, why not have it made into a sticker? Has your child made a cute picture? See if I can make it into a decal and keep that memory longer. 

Do you have a note from a loved 1 that you want to keep forever? I can make it into a decal for you to keep. 

I can make T-Shirts, Hats and cups/glasses with vinyl sayings or pictures. There is a link in the Gallery section to see the decals that you can pick.

This Angel is NOT for sale, she is only used as an example.

Pricing Guide


All Quilts are priced by the job.

A basic baby quilt (36in x 36in) is going to be approximately $40.00.

A basic throw quilt (48in x 66in) will run approximately $ 125.00.

Larger Quilts will be priced by the job.

All measurements are approximate. They may end up slightly larger than those measurements because i always seem to measure a bit larger than what's needed.

Shirts, Hats and Glasses

Adult T-Shirt: $15.00 and the price of whichever decal you want on it.

Youth T-Shirt: $8.00 and the price of whichever decal you want on it.

Hats: $10.00 and price of decal

Glasses/cups: purchase price and a small decal (2 in x 2 in).

HTV Vinyl decal prices start at $7.00 for a minimum 5 in x 5 in decal. The price then goes up by $1.50 per inch.

Regular Vinyl decal prices start at $5.00 for a 3in decal and then go up by $1.00 per inch.


All vinyl is measured by the longest side.

Embroidered Patches

The 3 Patriotic Patches that are listed are priced at $10.00 each. 

 T-Shirts, Hats, Towels and any other embroidered patches are as follows:

First 1000 Stitches - $5.00

Every additional 1000 stitches - $2.50



Specialty Decals

The pricing for the Handwriting Gift is on an individual basis. I will have to clean-up the "picture" for clarity. The price will depend on how much cleaning I have to do and how long it will take.  

I am able to make Banners, 12 in x 12 ft. These are also priced "by the job". 

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